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Manta Beach healthy food

Fresh, local, honest


Every Sunday there is a fantastic, extensive breakfast buffet from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Including croissants, luxury sandwiches, fresh fruit, American pancakes, salmon, fried and scrambled eggs and much more

- €12.50 pp

- €7.50 pp kids up to 10 years old


Breakfast [until 12 noon]

Good Morning Manta
Floor bread, croissant, cheese, chicken roulade, bacon, grilled tomatoes, scrambled eggs, yogurt with muesli and fruit


Good Morning Manta vegetarian
Floor bread, croissant, grilled tomatoes, scrambled eggs, avocado, yoghurt with muesli and fruit, young and nettle cheese


American Pancakes
With blueberry or banana with honey


Avocado sandwich
Floor bread, avocado, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese


Floor bread, eggs with ham, cheese and/or bacon


Coconut yogurt
With granola and fresh fruit


Organic yogurt
With granola, fresh fruit and honey


Chia pudding
With banana, coconut and blueberry


Lunch [from 12 noon]


Curry kip pao
Bapao filled with chicken thighs and Thai curry
€ 12,50

Vegan pao
Bapao filled with mushrooms and vegan oyster sauce

€ 12,50

Manta family-tosti [for 4 persons]
Young cheese, chicken filet, tomato and pesto

€ 28,50

Club Manta
Floor bread with salmon, tuna, shrimp salad, egg and raw vegetables

€ 16,50

Club Traditional
Floor bread with chicken, egg, bacon, tomato, cheese and truffle dressing

€ 16,50

Moo daeng
Pan bread with roasted pork belly, cucumber salad and Hoisin dressing

€ 14,95

Pan Vega
Pan bread with hummus and grilled seasonal vegetables

€ 13,50

Manta bacon & cheese burger
With bacon & cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, truffle mayonnaise and mustard, served with fries

€ 21,50

Vegan burger
Chickpea and carrot burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and lime mayonnaise, served with fries

€ 20,50


Orange Pomodori Soup
With wild basil

€ 9,00

Tom kha kai
With coconut, chicken, mushrooms

€ 10,50

Soup of the day

Daily price


Thai papaya salad
Young papaya, tomato, carrot and long beans with a fresh lime dressing

€ 19,50


Tofu salad

Mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber, crispy tofu, avocado with sesame dressing

€ 18,50

Traditional Caesar salad
Smoked chicken, egg, croutons, Parmesan cheese and anchovy dressing

€ 19,00


Kids [up to 10 years]

Grilled panini with ham and/or cheese

€ 8,50

Panini Hawaii
Grilled panini with cheese and pineapple

€ 9,50


Italian panini
Grilled panini with salami, tomato and cheese

€ 9,50


Dutch small Pancakes
With butter and icing sugar

€ 9,00

Bites to Share [from 12 noon]

Focaccia bruschetta
Focaccia with tomato, garlic, sea salt, basil and olive oil


Spring rolls
Homemade tasting of spring rolls: chicken, vegetarian, shrimp


Kai yan
Roasted chicken skewers with Thai peanut sauce and cucumber atjar


Barbecue ribs
Ribs from the grill with Korean barbecue sauce

Manta Sushi - Dragon Roll

With tempura ebi, cucumber, masago, avocado, teriyaki and Japanese mayonnaise


Manta Sushi - Rainbow Roll

With salmon, cucumber, avocado, tuna and avocado


Manta Sushi - Nigiri

With avocado and white sesame


Manta sushi boat
Different types of sushi and sashimi, wakame and pickled ginger


Nachos Manta
With guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheddar from the oven


Rustic bread
With hummus and muhammara


Finger food [from 12 noon]

Beef 'bitterballen'


Cas & Kas vegan 'bitterballen'









Kamo Harumaki

Japanese spring roll with duck


Spinach cheese croquettes


Cheese sticks


Marinated in garlic



Snack platter



Vegetarian snack platter


Dinner [from 5 p.m.]

Grilled bavette

With seasonal vegetables, chimichurri and fries


Massaman nua
Stewed beef in coconut curry massaman with rice


Manta bacon & cheese burger
With bacon & cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, truffle mayonnaise and mustard, served with fries


pad Thai
Fried noodles with tamarind and chicken


Kai ping

Slowly grilled chicken skewers with peanut sauce and cucumber atjar with rice


Land and Sea

Bavette with prawns, seasonal vegetables and béarnaise sauce with fries



Whole prawns stir-fried with garlic, parsley and lemon with fries


Whole sea bass
North Sea sea bass with herb oil and seasonal vegetables with fries


Fish & Chips

Cod fillet in beer batter, peas and fries with ravigotte sauce


Vegan burger
Chickpea and carrot burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and lime mayo, served with fries


Gaeng cheauw delusion
Green curry with tofu, vegetables and Thai basil with rice


Pad pak ruam
Fried mushrooms and stir-fried vegetables with vegan oyster sauce with rice


Kids dinner [up to 10 years, from 5 p.m.]

Steak bavette
With raw vegetables and fries


Baked salmon
With peas and fries


Pasta pesto

With fried vegetables and Parmesan cheese


Dessert [from 12 noon ]

Chocolate Mountain
Mountain of chocolate, resting on a foundation of whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Chocolate y Limón
Dessert of lemon mousse and white chocolate ganache, served with passion fruit coulis


Manta Garden
An edible flower pot filled with delicious raspberry mousse and brownie,

on a ground of Oreo and fresh fruit


Banana Colada
Banana mousse with piña colada, coconut and pineapple


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